We take pride in providing our clients with professional technical and service support from initial consultation and planning through to launch and beyond. You will be guided through the stages of deployment by an experienced and dedicated project manager and client service team.


During your consultation session our project management staff will assess your platform requirements fully with the view to establishing a project timeline for delivery of you affiliate platform installation, fully integrated into your existing back office management systems and re-branded to match your specific specifications.

As part of the consultation process a full implementation schedule will be developed that provides you with an installation slot for the system as well as setting timelines for providing the initial settings used for first time configuration.

Domain configurations will be fully assessed and discussed during your consultation, settings will be reviewed with full details and advice provided by our experts on how best to configure your affiliate brand domains for optimal performance and redundancy.

All branding requirements will be discussed during your consultation session/s with documentation provided to assist you in the best use of colours and imagery when designing your affiliate platform skin. Once the initial colour set has been decided our system engineers will re-brand your installation and provide you with the option to make one round of revisions to ensure you receive the perfect look for your brand.

Our integration specialists are on hand during the consultation stages to answer any queries you may have regarding integration options with our platforms and to provide advice on best practices and specifications. Any special requirements you may have will be assessed at this time in preparation of the implementation process.


The installation process of your new affiliate platform is handled by our highly experienced technical team who will deliver a fully branded and tested system installed to specification. There are several configuration options that will be taken into account when delivering your platform.

The affiliate platform can be configured in multiple ways that accommodate for a variety of different workflows and the correct configuration will be determined during the initial project consultation. Once production is in process you system will be configured with all brands and structured according to specification.

All system installations are provisioned on our in-house content delivery network which utilizes multiple data centres and is professionally managed by our own system administrators. Clients may use custom ad delivery and click processing URLs independent to the main system access URL ensuring the highest level of redundancy.

Clients may specify custom colours, gradients and images for the system header, logo, buttons and table headers to create the specific look and feel that will identify users with the main affiliate website managed in house.

If migrating from an existing affiliate program, whether in house or supplied by a 3rd party, our team will handle the entire import process making sure that all affiliate and customer account associations are maintained as well as ensuring that all old affiliate links continue to be tracked via the new platform meaning zero down time for affiliate tracking and a seamless transition.


During the integration process project managers will be on hand to assist and provide technical specifications for the RAPI realization with cookie implementation and/or the pixel tracking method installation.

At the integration stage a method will need to be selected to integrate your back offices systems with our platform, using either a RAPI integration method or a Pixel tracking method. Our project managers will discuss and recommend the most suitable method after determining your requirements and will be on hand to provide advice, specifications and samples during the entire integration process.

The most reliable and robust form of integration between our platforms and your back office is to realize a remote programming application interface, or RAPI built to a specification that we provide. Our systems support a variety of different RAPI types including XML/RPC, SOAP and WSDL as well a choice of Array or CSV data return and multiple transfer protocols such as FTP, SFTP and HTTP.

Most suited for retail and ecommerce integrations the pixel tracking methods provide a fast and secure connection to transmit tracking data directly from your cart checkout or registration pages allowing us to assign transactions directly to affiliates. If chosen our project managers will supply you with sample scripts and code along with instructions for implementation into your site.

Once the initial integration has been completed for either pixel tracking and/or RAPI realization our dedicated team of quality assurance testers will begin testing in cooperation with your back office staff to ensure a solid and robust platform is deployed ready for configuration.


The Configuration stage of your projects life-cycle will involve the configuration of the newly integrated affiliate platform with your dedicated project manager on hand to deliver advice and information on the best configuration for your specific requirements.

Part of the system configuration will involve the selection of system languages which are maintained and cared for by our in house technical team. You will be able to choose from a large selection of languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Czech, Croatian, Russian, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified and Japanese. Additional languages can also be added to the system which can be requested from your project manager.

For added flexibility you will be able to offer your affiliates and partners the opportunity to operate their account in the currency of their choosing. The Multi-Currency options will be discussed with you during the configuration stage with the chance to make additions easily available once system operation has begun.

All Managed and Enterprise license come with the ability to create custom Banner Categories allowing default landing page configuration for specified categories as well as easy filtering within the Ad Server. Your dedicated project manager will guide you through the process of selecting your custom categories and co-ordinate with our technical team to have them deployed within the system ready for use.

In addition to banner categories you can also pre-configure commission categories that allow alternate commissions to be calculated depending external criteria such as different account types, transaction types and/or products. Your project manager will discuss the configuration options available here as well as the potential applications using your specific integration type.


Prior to the system go-live and launch of your affiliate platform a full quality assurance inspection will be carried out, complete with end to end testing along with training sessions conducted with your operational staff. All systems are presented for your approval before being signed off ready for launch.

Before the system is handed over for operational use our quality assurance team will fully inspect and complete end to end testing the integration before declaring the system as launch ready. An inspection report will be provided to you at this stage to ensure compliance with our high standard of quality assurance.

Once quality assurance testing is complete, our support team takes over to provide your operational staff with a full training programming conducted over two, two-hour sessions covering the initial first steps within the system and complete end to end management of your affiliates.

After the system testing and training has been completed you will be presented with a system sign-off declaring the system ready to be launched and to start actively recruiting affiliates.


Our client services support team will be on hand at all times to make sure you and your staff are always fully prepared when operating your new affiliate platform ensuring the system is operating 24 hours a day.

Our vastly knowledgeable and experienced technical team combined with our dedicated client support team provide our licenses with a professional support service as standard. We provide 24/7 unlimited access to our online Knowledge Base where each section and feature of the platform is explained in detail. Simply click the Knowledge Base link from any section of the platform and the corresponding KB pages will be automatically displayed.

Our team are also on standby to assist you with all your questions and requests via Live Chat and Support Ticket services and provide 24-hour emergency support. We offer on demand support (billed in 15 minute increments) and a variety of discounted monthly included support time packages to suit all requirements.

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